Welcome Party Decoration

Welcome Party Decoration

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You’re finally expecting a precious little one to join your family, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with an amazing welcome party decoration. Whether you’re just starting to plan the event or the party is right around the corner, it’s always nice to put together a special atmosphere that all guests can enjoy. But how do you create a memorable celebration?

Well, if you want something truly special, decorations are key. With the right decorations, you can set the scene for an unforgettable baby welcome party. But there's so much to consider—from colors and themes to finding the perfect items for your special day. Don't worry! We have everything you need to know about choosing the ideal baby welcome party decoration. So go ahead and get ready to plan a stunning celebration with Born To Party!

Create an Entrance With Special Balloons

Starting your celebration on the right note begins with the entrance! Create a stunning welcome for the newest arrival by using decorations like special balloons. You can tie large ones to either side of the entrance or line up several smaller ones along a staircase or balcony. Pick balloons in colours that match the theme of your baby's welcome party decoration, such as pastels for girls or blues and greens for boys.

You can also add length and height to the arrangement by looping a long balloon garland at the entrance. As guests pass through, it's sure to create an exciting experience for them as they come into your celebration! This works especially well when combined with other decorations like banners and streamers. Make sure to add plenty of helium balloons so that they hover above guests as they make their way in.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

When selecting a theme and color scheme for your baby's welcome party, it's important to not only think about what will look great but also what will make your little one feel special. Soft blues, pinks, and yellows are classic choices that create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

For something different, try embracing the gender-neutral theme with an array of tranquil greens or earthy browns. Or, if you plan on including a photo wall of the new arrival at the party, why not pick out shades that complement the snaps?

Finally, don't forget to include some accent colours to add depth to the scheme. Have fun picking out cheerful ribbons in muted tones or vibrant balloons in pastel hues!

Personalise Your Decorations With Your Baby’s Name

You want your decorations to show the world just how special this baby is. One way to make sure you capture your baby’s spirit and create a party nothing short of amazing is by personalizing it with your baby's name.

Personalised decorations offer a unique and special way to start off this journey with your baby and make a heartfelt memory that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Here are some ideas for personalizing your decorations:


A personalized banner to welcome the newest member of the family is an absolute must-have at any baby shower. Get creative with colours and fonts, plus add plenty of sparkle or glitter for a show-stopping look.


Making custom balloons with your baby's name on them for the party can be a simple and inexpensive way to decorate any room.You can even add confetti inside them so they burst into confetti when popped.


No celebration is complete without invitations! Personalise them with Baby's name, photo, and age! That way, you'll never forget the exact day you welcomed them into the world.

Decorate to Complement the Chosen Theme

Once you've chosen your theme, it's time to turn to the fun part: decorating. The decorations you choose should complement your chosen theme and add a festive touch to your baby's welcome party.

Outdoor Decorations

A classic way of decorating for a baby's welcome party is through outdoor decorations. Incorporate the theme into banners, balloons, strings of lights, and more. You can even hang a special sign near the entrance that welcomes guests to the celebration!

Invites and Awards

To get everyone in the celebratory mood from the start, consider sending out unique invitations with images and colours that reflect your theme. You can even take it up a notch by considering customised awards for any guests that show up dressed according to the party theme. It'll be a surefire way of make sure everyone has an unforgettable experience at your baby's welcome party.

Invites and Awards

To get everyone in the celebratory mood from the start, consider sending out unique invitations with images and colours that reflect your theme. You can even take it up a notch by considering customised awards for any guests that show up dressed according to the party theme. It'll be a surefire way of make sure everyone has an unforgettable experience at your baby's welcome party.

To really take things up a notch, you can also set up a photo booth with props that match your theme—this will help guests commemorate the special occasion in style!

When you look back on this day in years to come, make sure you have beautiful memories captured on camera or film and decorations that created an atmosphere of love and celebration for your new love—your baby!

Add a Celebratory Buffet Table

Creating a beautiful and memorable celebration for a new arrival starts with decorations! Adding a celebratory buffet table is sure to make the baby's welcome party extra special. With Born to Party, you can create a unique vision of the celebration with the perfect buffet table decorations.

Table Linens

Begin by selecting quality table linens that reflect your theme. Our selection offers countless designs, colours, and sizes, so you can find options that are just right. Get creative and have fun mixing and matching colours to create your own colour palette, or choose one of our signature themes like "Welcome Little One" or "Bundle of Joy".


Next, it's time to select the perfect tableware for your welcome party. Choose from our vast selection of plates, cups, napkins, and flatware—all designed with style in mind! We even have specialised keepsake items for you to preserve memories from this special event.


Finally, add some finishing touches with decorations! Choose from banners, balloons, centerpieces, and other décor pieces to make your baby's welcome party extra special and full of love for the new arrival!

Set Up a Photobooth Corner

Creating a photo booth corner is an easy and fun way to ensure you capture all the fun and unforgettable moments of the welcoming baby party. Whether you pick a special theme or just keep it simple, you can make DIY backdrops and props to help guests get creative with their pictures.

You can always purchase ready-made props and backdrops from companies such as Born To Party, or if you are feeling crafty, here are some ideas for creating do-it-yourself props and backdrops:


For the backdrop, you can get creative by using colourful balloons filled with air or helium, fairy lights strung along a wall, patterned paper garlands, customised banners, or, if you are feeling extra creative, using fabric sheets in different patterns to create your own unique backdrop.


Keep things interesting with props! Create customised signs like "Welcome Baby", use inflatable letters spelling out the baby's name, and fill up a prop box with funny glasses, hats, or wigs for guests to take silly photos in. If your budget allows it, hire some entertainment, such as a professional photographer. However you decide to do it, having a photo booth corner will add loads of fun memories for everyone at the party!

Organizing a baby welcome party is a great way to share the joy of the new arrival with family and friends. With Born to Party, you can make the celebration even more special with creative and unique decorations for the event.

From personalised banners and balloons to wall décor and photo displays, you can create a memorable atmosphere that everyone will remember. Whether you’re celebrating with a large gathering or a small family gathering, the perfect party decorations can help make the celebration unforgettable.

So go ahead, get creative, and make the new arrival’s welcome party extra special and memorable with the perfect welcome party decoration from Born To Party.