Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

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Are you looking to take a dinosaur themed birthday party to the next level? Get ready to make your kid's birthday celebrations roar with a Dinosaur themed birthday party! While it's easy to go overboard with decorations, favors, and activities, throwing an impressive dinosaur bash is actually quite simple when you have the right guidance.

Here at Born To Party, we've got you covered. We can help you plan and execute an unforgettable dino-themed birthday bash for your little one. From decorations to activities, we've got everything you need to make your kid's celebration roar—literally! Read on to learn more about our services and the best tips for throwing the ultimate dinosaur themed birthday party.

Plan the Perfect Dinosaur Themed Party

First, pick a color palette featuring classic dino colors like green, yellow, orange, and brown. Then, decorate your space with a mix of our dinosaur birthday décor like streamers, banners, balloons and more. From our prehistoric scene setters to our Dino Dig Kit gift bag fillers—we have everything you need to make your party a roaring success!

Don't forget games—our Dino-ROAR game is perfect for getting everyone involved in the fun! And don't forget about music—play classic dino tunes or put on a movie in the background for ultimate atmosphere. Whatever way you choose to make your celebration special—born-to-party has everything you need to bring the prehistoric era back to life!

Ideas for Fun Dinosaur Decorations

Once you've chosen the main dinosaur decorations for your party, there are plenty of fun ideas to jazz up the celebration. Why not grab some big paper wall decorations to turn your walls into a prehistoric scene? You can also set up cardboard cutouts of various dinosaurs around the area. Plus, don't forget the balloons! Brightly colored balloons that look like dinosaurs themselves can bring the whole theme to life.

To top it off, get creative with custom dino-themed party favors! Whether it's tiny plastic dinosaurs, customized piggy banks, or dinosaur-shaped lollipops, these gifts are sure to make your special day even more memorable. And to make sure your guests never forget about your event, why not give them a photo backdrop? You could go for a giant dinosaur head or a life-sized T-Rex replica - perfect memories for everyone from your prehistoric party!

What Games to Play at a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

You can make your dinosaur themed birthday party roar with fun games! Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your dinosaur themed birthday party:

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Hide plastic eggs around the party area and fill them with dinosaur or baby animal related toys and trinkets. For each egg, the kid that finds it gets to keep the trinket inside! Don’t forget to encourage them to keep their eyes open for special eggs too—this could be an egg full of candy, or a grand prize at the end.

Baby Dino Races

Give out baby dino figurines to each kid at the birthday party, along with a chart. Each kid will have to race their dino across a track or tape on the floor—and they get points at the end of each lap they complete. The kid who makes it first across all designated laps, wins!

Digging for Fossils

For this game, you’ll need some clay logs - which you can naturally make yourself with regular clay - that are filled with small fossils and let kids dig away to find things like trilobites and ammonites in them. This adds an educational twist to your party as well!

Choose whichever game works best for you and your crew of pint-sized paleontologists, or combine a few of them together for an action-packed time at the birthday party! Who knows, maybe it'll even be educational too.

Food Options for a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Let’s not forget about the food! Your guests will be hungry after all that running around, so you’ll need to have something to keep their gastronomic spirits high. For a dinosaur themed birthday party, you can go all out with the food, from dinosaur-shaped pizzas to cupcakes in the shape of your favorite Jurassic Park characters. You can even decorate the food table with fake rocks, fossils and perhaps even a few plastic dinosaurs!

Dinosaur shaped snacks

Their faces will light up when they see dinosaur shaped snacks - cookies in the shape of stegosaurus and ominous T-rexes, or perhaps cupcakes sauntering like brontosauruses. Even better - why not get creative and bake your own?

Plant-based meal

What did dinosaurs eat? That's right: plants! So why not give your guests something more nutritious than just processed junk food? Provide them with a delicious plant-based meal such as salads and finger sandwiches. Focus on adding green leafy vegetables in unusual shapes; this way you can make sure that they get enough vitamins while they enjoy their meal.


Of course, beverages are an essential part of any birthday party. To stay on theme, why not make some “Dino Juice” by blending up some strawberries into a delicious smoothie or mixing together juices in bright green and blue colors? You could also have some regular sodas or water on hand for those who would like to take it easy or keep hydrated between games.

Extra Touches to Spice Up a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

When it comes to throwing an unforgettable dinosaur themed birthday party, it’s all about finding those little extra touches that take the celebrations to the next level. Here are some ideas for how to add some extra dino-wow to your party decorations:

Dinosaur Themed Balloons and Confetti

Nothing quite says ‘celebration’ like balloons and confetti! Add some extra fun to your venue with dinosaur themed balloons and confetti in various shapes and sizes—go with traditional green, yellow or red latex balloons or try something a bit out of the ordinary with a big dinosaur eggs balloon.

Tableware Decorations

Decorate your tables with dinosaur themed tableware like paper plates, cups, napkins and table covers featuring fun images of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Don’t forget to get a matching “Happy Birthday” banner to hang up!

Party Favors

Send home guests at the end of the night with a goodie bag full of dinosaur-themed surprises such as mini dinosaurs figurines, 3D puzzles, googly eyes stickers and other DIY decoration ideas. Even something as simple as a small toy or table game can make for great dino-themed keepsakes for party guests of all ages.

By hiring professionals, you can ensure that you have the perfect decorations for your dinosaur themed birthday party. They can provide dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, from huge 3D dinosaurs to tiny Jurassic Park figurines. Plus, they have all the supplies that you need for decor such as banners, bunting, dessert table decorations and more.

Fun Activities

Birthday party planners can also help set up fun activities for your guests. Whether your guests are toddlers or teenagers, there's something for everyone. From a fossil excavation and dinosaur-themed games to an inflatable Jurassic Park slide, there are plenty of ideas that will make your party a roaring success!

So if you're worried about pulling off the perfect dinosaur themed birthday party, consider getting help from a professional birthday planner. This way you can take the stress out of putting on an amazing event while ensuring your guests have lots of fun and memorable experiences!

In conclusion, throwing a dinosaur-themed birthday party doesn't have to be difficult. With Born To Party’s help and a little bit of creativity, you can create the perfect, roaring birthday party. With decorations, food, favors, music - and of course, dinosaurs - your birthday will be remembered as the dino-mite time that it is! So go ahead and create a dinosaur-themed birthday party that will be remembered for years to come.