Madagascar Party

Madagascar Party

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Are you looking for the perfect venue for your kid's Madagascar party? Look no further because Born to Party is here! With our wide range of games, activities, decorations, and even characters from the movie all at your disposal, we can guarantee that your kid will have the time of their life!

And don't worry about the hassle of organizing and planning a party—we take care of it all. From scouting for the perfect venue to selecting games and decorations, our experienced team of birthday-party planners will make sure that all the details are addressed so you can enjoy a stress-free experience. Plus, since we specialize in Madagascar theme parties, we even have special characters from the film who will make your child's birthday extra special!

What Is a Madagascar Party?

Are you looking for an incredibly unique and unforgettable birthday party experience for your kid? Look no further than Born To Party, where we specialize in the best Madagascar theme parties around! You can trust that your child's special day is in the hands of our team of experts, who have been creating special memories for families for over 20 years.

So, what is a Madagascar Party? It's a fun-filled celebration that celebrates all things Madagascar. We take every aspect of the popular animated film—from the vibrant wildlife to the infectious music—and bring them to life with a variety of custom-made decorations, props, and activities.

Whether it's setting up an obstacle course featuring King Julian’s playground or bringing one of those lovable lemurs to life with our interactive photo montages, rest assured your kid's Madagascar party will be one to remember!

How to Set Up a Madagascar Party

Do you want to throw your kid the best Madagascar party they've ever seen? Then you need to get started! To make sure it's a roaring success, here are a few tips on how to set up the perfect Madagascar-themed party:

  • Create a Guest List: Start by making a guest list. How many of your kid's friends can come and do you want any adults to join in the fun too?
  • Invitations: Once your list is ready, send out invitations in the form of Jungle Postcards, with an excited message from King Julian inviting their guests to a wild celebration.
  • Food: Choose all the food you will include in the menu for din-din time and snacks. Make sure all foods are themed and fit with jungle vibes, such as Animal Crackers or Fruity Chomps.
  • Activities: Organize things like animal races, Pinata smashing and craft activities, like making some zoo animal masks or elephant palm trees. Don't forget music—you gotta have some tunes to get people dancing and singing!

By following these tips you'll be sure to host an unforgettable Madagascar Party that your kid will remember forever. And don't forget: at Born To Party we can help make it all so much easier!

Preparing Invitations and Decorations

If you're looking to throw the best Madagascar themed party for your kid, then you have come to the right place. At Born To Party, we take your kid's party preparations to a whole new level with our amazing decorations and invitations that would surely set the perfect atmosphere for any Madagascar-themed bash.


We prepare unique and personalized invitations that can't be found elsewhere. Our professional team of designers will work around your ideas and create something spectacular that will surely make your kid's birthday even more special.


We match our decorations with the party's theme. When it comes to the Madagascar theme, our decorations include table centerpieces, life-sized balloons of Madagascar characters, colorful wall décor, bundled balloons hung from the ceiling and much more! We also provide other party décor related items such as banners, cutouts, posters and even cake accessories.

We match our decorations with the party's theme. When it comes to the Madagascar theme, our decorations include table centerpieces, life-sized balloons of Madagascar characters, colorful wall décor, bundled balloons hung from the ceiling and much more! We also provide other party décor related items such as banners, cutouts, posters and even cake accessories.

So if you want to plan an unforgettable birthday bash for your kid with all things Madagascar in mind, get in touch with us here at Born To Party—we'll make sure their special day is extra fun with our decorations and invitations!

Themed Food and Drinks for Your Madagascar Party

At Born to Party, we make sure every detail of your Madagascar-themed birthday party is taken care of. So, it’s only natural that we offer you delicious food and drinks that are inspired by our favorite animated movie.

Our themed food and drink menu is sure to delight the ones attending the party, and it will be a perfect way to really get into the spirit of Madagascar. We'll take care of all the hard work like grocery shopping and prepping, so all you have to do is enjoy!

Here are some examples from our themed food and drinks menu:

  • Cheesy “Glorious” Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • Wildly Brightly Colored Animal Crackers
  • “Skipper” Juice Cocktails with a Tropical Twist!
  • Zebra Striped Cupcakes with Cream Filling
  • Tasty “Zookeeper's Special” Sandwiches with Veggies & Cheese
  • Bananas Galore Popsicles with Chocolate Dip
  • Refreshing Fruit Kebobs with Yogurt Dip

Tips for Organizing Games and Activities at Your Madagascar Party

When it comes to organizing a great Madagascar party, games and activities should be a top priority. After all, everyone wants to have a good time, right?

Here are few tips to help you make sure that the party games and activities you organize are sure to go off without a hitch:

Set the Scene

Create an atmosphere of adventure and exploration by decorating your venue with our Madagascar-themed decorations. Be sure to assign one creative individual in your group of friends or family members to put together different props and prepare jungle-themed treats for guests.

Choose Games Carefully

Choose some Madagascar-inspired games that are suitable for all ages, such as the ‘Rescue King Julien’ game or ‘Melman's Memory Match.’ You can also organize some traditional party favors like piñata smashing, balloon popping, interactive dance games and so on.

Get Creative

Everyone loves face painting! Use our Madagascar-themed templates for facepainting for kids or adults. You can also involve character costumes, scavenger hunts and fun photo booths – it’s up to you!

By following these tips above, you can ensure that everyone will have a great time at your special event. And with Born To Party, we guarantee that your Madagascar theme birthday party will be an unforgettable experience!

Best Birthday Supplies to Make Your Madagascar Theme Party Complete

At Born to Party, we've got the best supplies to make your Madagascar theme party complete.

Want to take your kid's Madagascar birthday party to the next level? Our Madagascar-themed birthday party supplies will help you do just that. From decorations and tableware, to activities and treats, our supplies will make sure that your kid's special day is unforgettable.

Here's a quick look at all the things included with our package:

Decorations: Get your walls and tables looking wild and fun with unique Madagascar décor! We have colorful backdrops, balloons, banners, streamers and so much more.

Tableware: Serve up tasty treats on the fanciest plates featuring Alex the Lion and his friends. We've got plates, cups, napkins & tablecloths that coordinate perfectly with the rest of your décor!

Games & Activities: Keep the kids entertained with fun games like pin the tail on King Julien or Pass The Coconut; or get creative and make some cool animal masks for a group photo session!

Treats & Cakes: Hungry for something sweet? Our yummy Madagascar-themed cakes, cupcakes and favors will satisfy any sweet tooth. Your kid's party will be as delicious as it is wild!

So come on down to Born to Party for everything you need for a totally wild birthday celebration! With us by your side, you can make sure that this special day is one that your kid will remember forever.

Celebrating your kid's birthday doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. At Born to Party, we've got everything you need to turn your kid's dream of a Madagascar-themed birthday into a reality. From decorations to food to games and more, we have you covered.

We make sure to go above and beyond when it comes to the perfect Madagascar Party. We deliver the highest quality Madagascar birthday party supplies, ensuring the best customer experience, so you can be confident that the celebration will be a success.

Not only will you be able to relax and take in the joy of your kids big day, but you'll also be able to enjoy the ultimate Madagascar Party. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to go "wild" with Born to Party!